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Finally under African skies!


FC Hamman and Barnaby Mitchell (Film 42) are proud to announce the arrival of South Africa’s fastest MotoCrane package! This creative partnership encapsulates a combined camera history of over 50 years in the industry, and the addition of our phenomenal chase car will further add to those “WOW” moments that you are paying for. We are not just MotoCrane and Drone operators: for us it is extremely important to understand your creative process, we live for that special moment that happens in the frame. We personally spend a lot of time training with our crews and take care to develop synergy in honing our craft. We understand budgets have limitations, but ask us to quote and lets talk

The best package deal ever!

Cape Town and Johannesburg

We operate from Cape Town and Johannesburg, this simply means that you will save on travel and accommodation costs because we have duplicated our operations in both cities.

Award Winning Cinematography

SASC Visual Spectrum Winners

Fastest MotoCrane in Africa

We can offer you the best package deal that can include:
Fastest MotoCrane in SA with Ronin2 Gimbal. Any of our drones, Alta8, Inspire2 with x7 Camera or Phantom4 pro. Our Drones with various lights options. Our Gimbals: include the Ronin2, MoviPro and Movi15 with technicians. Our Cameras: Alexa Mini, RED Weapon, Black Magic Pocket 6K and GH5. Our Toro Electric Car with MoviPro Gimbal.
Motocrane monitor for visual control

MotoCrane HD Monitor

Fully integrated with the latest spec small HD monitors
MotoCrane Precision Control and safety equipment

MotoCrane Precision Control

DJI Master wheels offer precision control. Crew are strapped in with 4 point safety -harnesses supported by a roll cage.
MotoCrane control panel with full shot control

MotoCrane Precision Control Panel

Crane operator has full control over shots with the beautiful MotoCrane Control panel which is fully integrated with programmable safety limits.
MotoCrane Ultra action shot

MotoCrane Ultra

MotoCrane Ultra, capable of speeds up to 120kph, with a max payload of 25 kg. 12ft or 3,5m reach. Mounted on a 4.8l Porsche Cayenne Turbo. 0-100kph fully loaded in under 7 seconds.
We always strive to help you tell your visual story in the most creative way. Please give us a call... lets talk.

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