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We have all the latest cutting edge equipment to focus on the best shot for the production


We are a fully licensed drone operator.


Legal Requirements

Please note that we are one of the few Legal Drone Operators in South Africa, unfortunately we have people who pretend to be legal. If you would like to make sure that you are dealing with a legal operator, please visit the SACAA website, all the legal companies are listed. If they are not listed they are not legal. Should a client decide to obtain the services of an illegal operator please be aware that your third party liability and other insurances will not pay out should you have an incident. You can also receive a hefty fine and spend some time in jail...

We are fully licensed and have an impeccable safety record. We also won the South African Society of Cinematographers, Visual Spectrum Award for 2015 with our drone cinematography work. We have embraced the legal requirements and developed an excellent relationship with SACAA and I believe we are one of the best and safest operators in the film industry.

Our pilots are brilliant and have been flying radio control for more than 15 years and became SA champions in 5 categories of aerobatic radio control flying.


We are a fully licenced drone operator, ROC number: CAA/G1277D

To be able to operate commercially as per Civil Aviation Regulations Part 101, FC Hamman Films have the following valid documentation,:
- Air Service License (ASL)
- RPAS Operators Certificate (ROC)
- RPAS Letter of Approval (RLA)
- Remote Pilot Licence (RPL)
- RPAS Certificate of Registration (COR)

We can fly in controlled airspace.
We can fly at night.
We can fly over public roads with the required permissions.
We can take off and land on public roads with the required permissions.
We can fly close to people and structures on films sets provided they are under the control of the production.
We can operate adjacent to or above a nuclear power plant, prison, police station, crime scene, court of law, national key point of strategy installation.

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On our Equipment and Licensing

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